How we learned about my son’s food alergies

My son was about a year and a half old and my wife went home to her family for Christmas. I only had a week of vacation left and her family wanted to see our son so she left two weeks early. This allowed her to have time to travel to all the relatives she had to visit. You see we lived in Alaska and getting to the lower 48 takes some planning and effort. It was during this visit that my son started to develop ear infections. When we got back to Alaska the ear infections were a constant problem. We when to a ear specialist who setup to put tubes in my son’s ears so they could drain. It was while working with this ear specialist we found out about my son’s milk allergy. You see this doctor went over family history and all aspects of my son’s diet. What he uncovered was that my wife stopped breast feeding when she went to visit her relatives. And that my son was now given dairy product with milk being a part of many meals. Checking into my history it was uncovered that I had this allergy to dairy products. As it turns out my food allergies almost killed me when I was first born. You see we learned by talking to relatives that my mom could not produce breast milk and I could not hold down any dairy or formulas that were available in 1960. I was written off as dead! But my grandfather in Alaska was familiar with this type of problem from the old country. He went out and got some goats. It turned out I was able to digest raw goats milk. That is what saved my life. So our first of many changes in our lives was to remove all dairy products from our diet. This ended all the ear infections in my son and I.


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